Marvel’s Secret Invasion Trailer Released

After disappearing from the limelight since Spider-Man: Far From Home, Nick Fury returns in the latest Disney Plus Secret Invasion series trailer.

The mastermind behind the Avengers Initiative is gearing up for a war that only he can lead. While much of the new trailer features previously seen footage, a few unique moments indicate that Fury’s absence has been noticed on Earth in the years following the reversal of Thanos’ snap.

During Fury’s time off-planet, such as Talos and Skrulls, who remained loyal to him on Earth, have witnessed the extremist Gravik’s use of Fury’s absence as justification for increasingly violent actions aimed at gaining true freedom on their adopted planet.

Fury’s reluctance to enlist the help of the Avengers seems to be one of the primary reasons why the world is in grave danger. Gravik’s attacks on the public catalyze Fury’s return to Earth and his reunion with old allies, including Maria Hill and MI6’s Sonya Falsworth, who appear human.

The trailer promises to be an action-packed ride when the show premieres on Disney Plus on June 21st.