Thanos is in the Top 10 Most Popular Disney-Inspired Baby Names

One of the most feared and revered Villains in the history of Marvel is, without a doubt, Thanos, the Mad Titan played by Josh Brolin in the MCU. Even though he is the most notable antagonist Marvel’s Superheroes have ever fought, his appearance, motivations, and actions have made him a cultural legend.

However, it is astounding to consider that since Avengers: Infinity War hit theatres in 2018, the first movie in which the might of the purple entity on the search for Gems was fully explored, the number of couples who have opted to name their children after him, has incredibly doubled.

According to a recent survey by OrganicBabyFormula, Thanos moved up 2,892 spots on the name popularity index, rising to ninth on the list of names most frequently given to kids in honor of Disney characters. This number is based on a title’s rise in popularity in the year that followed the character’s on-screen introduction.

The unique ranking shows that Quill, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s captain, is a much more significant source of inspiration than the Mad Titan. Quill dominates the list. The whole list is shown below, along with a numerical increase for the specified time. Here is a graph by Comicbook

Other Marvel characters on the top 30 list include Loki, the God of Mischief, Valkyrie (from the Thor movies), and Wanda, based on Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch.

Since most of us would likely assume that Thanos is not always a great name for a kid, it is surprising that many babies are being given that name.

It also shows how popular the character has become since Infinity War and how unexpected influence has spread across many genres.