Spencer Pratt says Lisa Kudrow is One of the worst Human

Characters in movies and on television don’t always accurately represent the personalities and character qualities of real people. This appears to be the case with Lisa Kudrow, the well-known “Phoebe” from “Friends,” who is being accused of being a dictatorial individual by several Hollywood celebrities.

For eleven years, Lisa Kudrow played the role of Phoebe in the Friends television series. She was summoned for numerous additional functions, but this was the one that really propelled her to fame. Phoebe was described as an eccentric, genuine, transparent, literal, naive, hilarious, vegetarian, champion of the environment, good friend, and huge heart. However, the sincere Lisa, would she still possess the specific qualities that she personified so beautifully with Phoebe?

Lisa Kudrow called Spencer Pratt a ‘murderer.’

One celeb who spoke out about his awful encounter with Lisa was Spencer Pratt. The event happened when the actress’s name immediately surfaced after a fan questioned him on TikTok about the rudest celebrity he had ever encountered.

To which he said, Oh, that’s simple. One of the worst people I have ever encountered, without a doubt. From “Friends,” Phoebe. By far, “said the actor from “The Hills” television program.

It nearly seemed like we were filming for the television show “Punk’d,” and a camera was about to appear. Still, he added that Heidi and I didn’t care because there was delectable food and an open bar. 

It was a bit surprising when Phoebe (Lisa) approached while we were eating some caviar because nobody had talked to us during the celebration.

She says that she warns Heidi to flee from me as soon as possible because I’m going to murder Heidi and have the eyes of a serial murderer right in front of me. 

Heidi watches to see if this is a prank or if there are hidden cameras at the gathering. She simply goes away without any laughter. That is the rudest human person I have ever encountered, hands down.

Bethenny Frankel responded at the time by writing online, “That’s insane. She appeared on my talk program, and I, too, had a bizarre encounter, she said, without going into further detail.