Robin Williams’s Cameo in Friends was unplanned

Robin William was a well-known actor and comedian. He appeared as Tomas in Friends’ Season 3 Episode 24, “The One With the Ultimate Fighting Champion,” for a very quick appearance.

Having Williams on the show was a big deal because of how well-liked he was when the episode aired in the US in 1997.

At the episode’s opening, friends are gathered at Central Perk. Monica is about to tell them a story when Tomas and his friend Tim, played by Billy Crystal, interrupt her.

They both ask the Friends to make room for them on the sofa where they typically sat. Tomas immediately broke down in tears and confessed that his wife had been having an affair. Despite Tomas believing Tim to be his doctor, Tim turned out to be “the other guy.” Tomas ended his friendship with Tim before leaving the coffee shop with a humiliated Tim. After they go, Monica realizes she has completely forgotten the story she had intended to deliver.

Williams’ quick cameo turned out to be unplanned, and Crystal and Williams were just in the right spot at the right moment on another nearby production.

Williams and Crystal were on the set of a nearby set as the Season 3 episode of Friends was being filmed. The authors approached the comedy team when they stumbled into the Friends group and inquired about their interest in making a brief appearance. The actors on stage completely improvised the situation.

Later, it was discovered that the two stars were co-producing the Warner Bros. movie Fathers’ Day under the direction of Ivan Reitman.
A remarkable coincidence that significantly boosted the movie’s exposure.
On May 9, 1997, the day after their appearance in the Friends episode, the movie was released in American theatres.