Yelena Belova makes her debut on the Disney+ series

The fourth episode of the series brought one of the most anticipated moments of the production so far: the appearance of Yelena Belova.

The new Black Widow appeared in the middle of a chaotic sequence, in which Clint Barton and Kate Bishop were already dealing with a known threat, that of Echo , as they came closer to commanding the Tracksuit Mafia.

Barton and Bishop tracked down a watch stolen by the gang and arrived at an apartment, which they turned out to be Maya Lopez, the Echo.

And it is precisely she who appears in the middle of the invasion, fighting Kate Bishop , while it is also discovered that she has been investigating Barton’s family , intending to get revenge on Ronin , who killed her father.

In the midst of combat, the place is invaded by a masked woman , who also begins to fight Barton. She is unmasked and we see that it is Yelena Belova , who flees the scene.

The Hawkeye knows she is one of the Widow Black and now with fear keep putting his young partner in danger , amid so many things going on at once.