Jennifer Aniston texted Matthew Perry the day he died: ‘He was happy, that’s all I know’

Jennifer Aniston recently discussed Matthew Perry in an interview, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding his passing. According to the actress, she had exchanged texts with her ‘FRIENDS’ co-star on the day he died. Aniston emphasized that Perry was in good spirits and health, dispelling any notion of him facing difficulties.

In a conversation with Variety, Aniston shared insights into Perry’s mindset before his demise. She expressed, “As he mentioned, he wanted to be remembered. He was content, in good health, having quit smoking and actively working on his fitness. He was genuinely happy. I was texting with him that very morning—funny Matty. He wasn’t in pain or grappling with issues. He was leading a happy life.”

Aniston further stated, “It’s important for people to know that he was genuinely healthy and on a path to better health. He was dedicated and worked hard. Life dealt him a tough hand. I miss him profoundly, as we all do. He had an incredible ability to make us laugh heartily.”

Reflecting on Perry’s impact on the show, she remarked, “Matthew Perry’s distinctive way of speaking and dialect created a unique world. We followed his lead, and it contributed significantly to our joy.”

Jennifer Aniston publicly addressed Matthew Perry’s tragic loss on November 15 via her Instagram. In a heartfelt tribute, she penned a lengthy note, highlighting Perry’s integral role in the DNA of the ‘Friends’ cast.

The untimely passing of Matthew Perry has left his friends, family, and the world at large devastated. His funeral, attended by the ‘Friends’ cast, family, and close friends, took place earlier this month, marking a somber farewell to the beloved actor.