Matthew Perry Reveals why Cameron Diaz Slapped him during

Matthew Perry Reveals why Cameron Diaz Slapped him during

In his memoirs, Matthew Perry has revealed that he had an intimate encounter with Cameron Diaz that resulted in a blow to the face.

Because of his outrageous humor and his friendly, upbeat, and honest demeanor, Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing in the hit television series “Friends,” gained the public’s devotion.

In his recently published book, “Friends, Lovers, and that Terrible Thing,” the actor, renowned for being reclusive and maintaining a low profile in the media, has spoken up.

The famous Chandler has sought to take the initiative to divulge more information about his personal life, including his love relationships, in addition to his drug addiction or attempt to do so. The fantastic narrative of his “secret date” with Cameron Diaz is the last of the information he has revealed.

With a few friends, both actors had stayed for supper. During the evening, Matthew recalls that Cameron was not very interested in him. According to Perry, the actress accidentally hit him in the face while attempting to amuse him during a board game.

Cameron Diaz said she only intended to strike Matthew Perry in the shoulder. Still, she managed to smack him across the face.

This is not the first unpleasant issue Perry had with Hollywood ladies; in his memoirs, he admits that Jennifer Aniston rejected him in the 1990s. Before joining the cast of “Friends,” he departed for the lovely Julia Roberts out of dread of being abandoned.

This may seem dismal, but Matthew Perry appears to be better than ever at 53 and eager to put the past behind him. He also seems to be enjoying life and handling these incidents with humor.