Aespa’s New Song ‘Hold On Tight’ for Soundtrack of ‘Tetris’

Aespa's Hold On Tight Tetris

Recently, Aespa, the popular K-pop girl group, unveiled their latest song, ‘Hold On Tight,’ featured in the soundtrack for Apple TV+ original film ‘Tetris.’

This synthpop track is the quartet’s first solo release since their mini-album ‘Girls’ in July 2022, and it’s sung entirely in English with a catchy melody. Earlier, Aespa collaborated with labelmates Red Velvet on ‘Beautiful Christmas’ for the SM Entertainment holiday album.

Aespa’s New Song ‘Hold On Tight’ for S Soundtrack of ‘Tetris’

In the chorus of the song, Aespa sings, “Baby, you and me are a twisted fantasy / Bodies running on a dream, up all night (All night) / Wired differently, a chaotic energy / Buckle up and take a seat, hold on tight (On tight).”

Aespa has again demonstrated its exceptional musical talent with ‘Hold On Tight.’ The diverse range of tracks on the Tetris soundtrack, including ‘Hold On Tight,’ has been very well received by audiences.

Fans of Aespa can look forward to their return in May, eagerly anticipating their new music. SM Entertainment has confirmed that Aespa is preparing to come back with new music, aiming for a May release following delays due to management disputes.

Tetris is now streaming on Apple Tv +

Apart from ‘Hold On Tight,’ the Tetris soundtrack includes other tracks like ‘Benevolence’ by DJ Aaron Hibell, a 2001 remastered version of ‘Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money)’ by Pet Shop Boys, and a Japanese version of ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ by ReN, among others.