Seth Green says Bill Murray Threw him Into ‘A Trash Can’ when he was Nine Years Old

Seth Green says Bill Murray Dropped him Into 'A Trash Can' when he was Nine Years Old

Seth Green, an Austin Powers actor and Chris Griffin’s voice actor was a guest on Good Mythical Morning’s YouTube chat program. He told the terrible story of Bill Murray throwing him into the trash can at nine.

Seth Green said:

When I was nine, I did a Saturday Night Live commercial when she was hosting Mary Gross, adding that he had been killing time behind the scenes watching television. “Bill Murray was a guest on the show that day. He saw me sitting on the arm of this sofa and made a big noise about me being in his place. And I thought, “This is absurd. I’m sitting on his armrest. There is a lot of space on this sofa. Please, stop”. He said: “This is my place.”

Murray wanted to sit where he wanted, so Green’s mother advised that her son resettle, but the actor stayed put and wouldn’t give up the seat.

Are you that idiot? It isn’t nice to tell a nine-year-old to get off the couch. What is this bullying?

Then he took me by the ankles and held me upside down. he dangled me over a garbage can and said, “The garbage goes to the garbage can.” And I screamed, I swung my arms, I was agitated, in complete contact with his balls. He dropped me into the bin, and the container overturned. I was horrified. I ran away, hid under the table in my dressing room, and cried.

Earlier this year, production on Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut, Being Mortal, halted after a woman registered a complaint about Bill’s on-set behavior.

Geena Davis also details multiple instances of alleged inappropriate behavior from Murray, that he inappropriate behaved with her while filming. When they initially met, according to Davis, Murray attempted to massage her and shouted at her on the set, in retrospect, made her wish she “walked out” of her audition for the 1990 comedy Quick Change.