Matthew Perry was Forced to Quit In a Film starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Matthew Perry was Forced to Quit a Film starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Matthew Perry would have appeared in the A-list movie “Don’t look up,” alongside Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jonah Hill. However, the “Friends” star was forced to exit when, during surgery, his heart stopped beating for five minutes. In his recent memoirs, he discusses this.

In Adam McKay’s Netflix comedy “Don’t look up,” 53-year-old Matthew Perry was set to portray a Republican journalist. Even better, he had a scheduled sequence with Meryl Streep and had managed to record one with Jonah Hill.

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In his book “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” Perry admits that during surgery, his heart stopped beating for five minutes. The actor claimed that a dangerous mix of the narcotic hydrocodone and the anesthetic propofol was to blame. However, he was compelled to leave after having a near-death experience.

Matthew Perry was in a rehab clinic.

To get hydrocodone, Perry pretended to have stomach symptoms to staff members when he was in a rehab facility in Switzerland.

“In reality, I was OK. It wasn’t painful, but it continued to feel like I was doing situps all the time, “Perry writes.

However, the physicians chose to perform surgery to treat gastrointestinal issues. Perry was put to sleep with propofol the night before the procedure and took hydrocodone.

“Eleven hours later, in another hospital, I came to. The propofol had caused my heart to cease beating. It takes five minutes. Although it wasn’t a heart attack, it didn’t beat at all, “Perry pens.

Matthew Perry had Broken eight ribs.

He says that “the man from ‘Friends'” evidently did not want to pass away on his operating table because the “muscular Swiss guy” did not. He had thus given Perry CPR for five minutes.

“Would he have ended the conversation after three minutes if I hadn’t been in ‘Friends’? Did ‘Friends’ rescue my life one more? Perry writes words.

Even though he may have saved my life, eight ribs were broken.

After that, he was in excruciating pain and could not listen to the “Don’t look up” tape. According to Perry, the movie would have been “the largest I ever got.” Therefore, being forced to leave was “crushing.”

After all, the sequence he was able to record before the procedure was cut from the film.