Leonardo DiCaprio goes viral on TikTok for his Dance moves

Leonardo DiCaprio TikTok Dance moves

After Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with Gigi Hadid quietly ended, he didn’t seem to be affected by the news that he was dating a female model not long ago. However, a TikTok user recently shared a video of DiCaprio dancing at a New Year’s Eve party in a Malibu nightclub, allowing many people to see his more real “other side” in private.

A few days ago, a TikTok user shared a video of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing in a Miami nightclub on TikTok. He smoked a cigarette, wore a hat, swayed his body to the music, enjoyed it, and danced on the dance floor with other guests.

The clip – which has been liked 250,000 times at the time of writing – is captioned: “Leonardo DiCaprio just vibin in Miami at Gekko in Brickell.”

@livinmiami305 Leonardo DiCaprio just vibing in Miami at Gekko in Brickell 😂 More on IG – livinmiami305 📸: @Rocio Aghemo @Valentine #miami #miamiflorida #miamifl #onlyinmiami #brickell #brickellliving #brickellmiami #leonardodicaprio ♬ original sound – Miami | Miami Beach