Watch Jennifer Coolidge cracking Up Her Friends Co-Stars in Bloopers

Jennifer Coolidge Friends Bloopers

While Jennifer Coolidge is well-known for her role as Stifler’s Mom in American Pie, her recent comical portrayal of Tanya in The White Lotus has encouraged many viewers to revisit her previous iconic roles, such as Best in Show (2000), Legally Blonde (2000) and also as Amanda Buffamonteezi in Friends, season 10 episode 3, “The One with Ross’s Tan.”

Ross is busy getting a perfect spray tan, which he messes up. Rachel and Joey have their first date and accidentally ruin it by getting too excited. Phoebe and Monica had to deal with their old roommate Amanda Buffamonteezi, played by Jennifer Coolidge, who for a brief moment lived in the UK and came back picking up the most terrible British accent.

Jennifer Coolidge Friends Bloopers

Also, while living abroad in the UK, Amanda adopted the word “arse” instead of “ass,” and Coolidge’s exaggerated pronunciation of the curse word was funny. Lisa Kudrow, who knew Coolidge from their time working with The Groundlings, found it challenging to keep a straight face during one scene.

Although the role and the show had a comedic tone, Coolidge revealed in an interview with Metro in 2019 that the atmosphere on set was quite serious. The creators preferred for her to stick to the script rather than improvise. Therefore, it is likely that the line “I feel like a perfect arse” was not created by Coolidge. Still, she deserves credit for her amusing delivery of the line.

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