The Time When Robert Pattinson got expelled from School for Selling P*rn Magazines

Robert Pattinson expelled

Robert Pattinson, the English actor best known for his roles in the Twilight series and, more recently, as Batman, revealed a surprising detail about his past, Like almost getting expelled from school for selling p*rn magazines

During an interview with Howard Stern in 2017, Pattinson confessed that he had been expelled from the Tower House School in London for stealing and selling adult magazines to his classmates.

Pattinson shared the story of his teenage mischief, explaining that he would steal one or two magazines at a time and keep them in his school uniform. “I used to go in and take, like, one or two, and then put them in my bag. I was in my school uniform when I was doing it, and it was kind of risky.”

As Pattinson grew more confident, he began stealing entire packs of magazines, ultimately expelling him from the prestigious institute. “At the end, I got so cocky that I would take the entire rack. No one knew at all what to do with them, though, “I’d sell them for a lot of money.”

Recalling the moment he was caught, Pattinson said, “This guy is pulling all these p*rno magazines. This is when p*rn had those VHS tapes in those plastic sheet. So, he’s pulling all these things out and I’m sitting there absolutely humiliated and the old people are looking at me disgusted.”

Fortunately, Pattinson escaped the attention of the authorities as the shopkeeper decided not to involve the police. However, the shopkeeper informed his school about the incident, leading to much trouble for Pattinson. “Basically, every single one of my friends snitched on me,” he revealed, laughing.

Although Pattinson’s story may seem like a youthful indiscretion, it is a reminder that everyone has a past and it doesn’t define who they are today. Despite his rebellious teenage years, Pattinson has become a respected actor in the industry. He has even been dubbed a “method actor” due to his intense role preparation.

While the Twilight series brought him fame and recognition, Pattinson has recently taken on more challenging roles, like Thomas Howard in The Lighthouse, Neil in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, and his last role as the Dark Knight in Batman.