Zac Efron Refused to Work with Matthew Perry in an Upcoming Rom-Com

Zac Efron Refused to Work with Matthew Perry in an Upcoming Rom-Com

In Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, Matthew Perry tells the story of his life, starting with his rise to prominence and ending with the darkest chapter. He also revealed why Zac Efron Refused to Work with him.

Perry also revealed that he had written the script for a new romantic comedy film he intended to direct himself. “I think I’ll be excellent at it,” Perry remarked of the experience.

He alluded to his upcoming film roles, “But that’s the next thing, you know, they give me acting jobs, and we’re also trying to cast this movie, so those are the things that are occurring.”

He had initially intended to play the lead role in the movie, but he soon realized that he would need to be 20 years younger. “After talking to sure folks, I finished a script. I’d want to lead this. “

He admitted that Zac Efron was Perry’s first choice to play himself. With the 2009 film “17 Again,” in which Efron portrayed a young Tyler Perry, this has already occurred.

However, Efron turned down the idea this time, making it impossible to carry out this “spiritual sequel,” which would have enthralled the fans of both stars. Perry says, “He said no, so we have to find someone to say yes.”

Perry also mentioned in the interview that he is currently casting for the role of his love interest. One of the lucky ones may have been the actress Aubrey Plaza, best known for her roles in Parks and Recreation and Ingrid Goes West.

Dramatic material is also included in this. The actor remarked, “Aubrey Plaza almost made it. “And given how brilliant I believe she is, it would have been ideal. It would have been suitable because she was so near her, “Per Perry.