Jennifer Aniston talks about We’re The Millers Sequel that didn’t happen

Jennifer Aniston We're The Millers

In today’s Hollywood, sequels, remakes, and requels are all the rage, but not all continuations of existing movies get to see the light of day. While promoting her latest film, Jennifer Aniston talked about the We’re The Millers Sequel that didn’t happen.

Sometimes, cast members need help to return, or interest in the project wanes, leaving some sequels stuck in the idea phase. In a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston discussed a few sequels that never materialized, including a follow-up to the 2013 road-trip comedy, We’re The Millers.

During the interview promoting her and Adam Sandler’s Netflix film Murder Mystery 2, Aniston was asked if she had been involved in any other sequels. She replied, “Yes, We’re The Millers. There was talk about that. But that one didn’t happen.”

In 2014, a sequel was rumored to be in the works, but the last news on the project was in the same year when The Hollywood Reporter announced that Adam Sztykiel had been hired to write the script.

Aniston couldn’t recall why the sequel didn’t move forward, but We’re The Millers received only average reviews from critics, which could have contributed to its demise. Despite receiving a mixed reaction from the critics, it grossed $270 Million on just a $37 Million budget.

Jennifer Aniston’s Murder Mystery 2, Co-starring Adam Sandler, streams on March 31 on Netflix.