Julia Roberts Feels ‘Cringed and Embarrassed’ by Matthew Perry’s Romantic Confession in his Book

Julia Roberts Feels 'Cringed and Embarrassed' by Matthew Perry's Romantic Confession in his Book

In his upcoming book, Matthew Perry has detailed their passionate three-month relationship. He said that he and Julia Roberts started dating after she was cast as Susie Moss in a 1995 episode of Friends.

Julia Roberts’ cold-blooded response to hearing about Matthew’s confessions in his book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing was described by a close friend of the actress.

Julia feels ashamed and lets down that Matthew revealed their relationship. That’s not how Julia rolls; it smells like Matthew is seeking glam soundbites to fill his book.

Matthew claims that after learning from the producers that Julia would only participate in the show if it featured his character, he gave her “three dozen red roses.”

According to the insider, she is quite an old school about her privacy, who added, “You never see her kiss and tell about her exes. She Cringed at it.

According to the source, Julia Roberts is relieved to learn that Matthew is now sober and in good health. She is aware of how much he fought, and she applauds him for having the bravery to seek assistance and encourage others to take note of his example. Julia only regrets that he included her in his life tale.

Matthew Perry eventually broke up with Julia Roberts because of the personal issues of drug addiction he had in his life. “I was damaged, crooked, and uncomfortable. I had severe difficulties that were the root of my former addicted behavior. It wasn’t enough; It could never be enough. I ended my relationship with the beautiful and clever Julia Roberts instead of tolerating the unavoidable pain of losing her.

Author: Yash Sahu