Mr. Heckles Outburst After His Last Episode on Friends

Mr. Heckles Friends

Larry Hankin, who played the recurring character of Mr. Heckles on the famous sitcom Friends, had a strong outburst when he found out that his character would be killed off in Season 2, Episode 3, titled “The One Where Heckles Dies.”

In an interview with Cracked, Hankin revealed that he was initially thrilled to be invited back for a fifth appearance on the show, as this would have made him eligible for a significant pay increase. However, he became furious when he learned that his character would suffer a massive heart attack and die.

Mr. Heckles Outburst After His Last Episode on Friends

Hankin arrived on set with a chip on his shoulder, determined to tell the producers that he was unhappy with the decision to kill off his character. After filming the scene in which Mr. Heckles dies, Hankin approaches the producers and shouts, “What did you do!?!”. 

The outburst startled everyone on set, as it was the season’s first episode, and over a hundred people were in attendance. A female producer tried to calm Hankin down, but he stormed off to the craft services table, where everyone cleared out.

After standing there for a few minutes, Hankin was approached by a 14-year-old boy who told him that his outburst was “so cool.” This seemed to snap Hankin out of his anger, and he eventually calmed down. Looking back on the incident, Hankin admitted that he had overreacted and regretted his behavior.

Despite his initial anger, Hankin remembers his time on Friends fondly. He was grateful for the opportunity to play Mr. Heckles, a character that became quite famous during the show’s run. Friends remain one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, and Hankin’s performance as Mr. Heckles will always be a memorable part of the show’s legacy.