House of the Dragon: The Reason House Velaryon are not the same color as House Targaryen

House of the Dragon: The Reason House Velaryon are not the same color as House Targaryen

The Velaryon family and the adaptation of George RR Martin’s Ire and Blood books, when they added black actors to represent them, is one of the most talked-about themes in the House of the Dragon series.

The variety of its ensemble is only one of the numerous differences between House of the Dragon and the original Game of Thrones series. White actors dominated the cast despite the appreciation and admiration for the Game of Thrones series.

Co-creator and showrunner Ryan Condal discovered a logical approach to include a more diverse cast of actors in Westeros while adhering to the idea of George R.R. Martin and the Velaryon family by inventing the prequel.

Viewers were astonished to learn that black actors would represent the Velaryon family when the casting for House of the Dragon was disclosed before the show’s launch.

The prequel series’ creators struggled with this choice. Ryan Condal, the show’s creator, admitted in an interview that deciding to make the narrative of House of the Dragon more diverse wasn’t an easy one.

I don’t think it was that simple. I think the reason that the casting was successful, frankly – I mean, not everyone is going to be happy- the reason it was successful is that it was thought, not done. It happened, To appear progressive or as someone who covers all the bases.

The showrunner explains that the books by George RR Martin about family had something to do with why the Velaryons were the ideal family for them to be black characters. However, Ryan Condal also pointed out that Valyria’s collapse was not that far away from the period the House of the Dragon took place.

“We know everyone has silver hair and that certain people are drawn to dragons. As stated in the literature and television series, they are thought to be more similar to the gods than humans.

Despite all of the remarks made on this matter, the performers from the Velaryon family delivered brilliant performances, which helped debunk bigotry and won the respect of more viewers.