Fans want Henry Cavill in House of the Dragon to play Targaryen

On August 21, House of the Dragon, The official prequel to Game of Thrones, made its debut on HBO Max, making a big impression on social media to chat exclusively about what had happened in the series’ first two episodes.

But in addition to chattering about House of the Dragon’s narrative and cast’s performances, people have also started to speculate on which actors of prominent international reputation might make the most suitable replacements for specific roles in the movie.

Henry Cavill has received several parallels to the Game of Thrones series since his lead role in The Witcher. The silver-haired Dragonriders of the Targaryen House who we encounter in House of the Dragon have long hair, and Geralt of Rivia looks quite like them. His appearance seems precisely like a member of a particular House.

This connection is strengthened by the recent publication of an astonishing artwork by famous artist Bosslogic, who imagined Henry Cavill as one of the Targaryens in House of the Dragon.

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It’s no secret that Henry Cavill enjoys fantasy and fiction immensely, whether it be in writing, film, television, comics, or video games. In reality, the actor is very fond of video games that inspired the acclaimed Netflix series The Witcher, which helped him land the part.

Henry Cavill would be a perfect choice to play Aegon the first, who conquered six of the Seven Kingdoms and ruled the Iron Throne during his Conquest; he was also known as Aegon the Conqueror and Aegon the Dragon. The dragonlord established the Targaryen dynasty, which now rules Westeros.

During the Conquest, King Aegon rode Balerion, also known as the Black Dread, along with his sister Queen Visenya’s Vhagar and his sister Queen Rhaenys’s Meraxes.