Amber Heard Intimate Dance Moves with her Co-star go Viral

Amber Heard Bailando Dance

The American actress, Amber Heard, was caught dancing to the iconic theme of Selena Quintanilla with a young man who worked in the production of the movie “In the fire.”

Amber Heard was the most talked about actress in 2022 for all the wrong reasons; after losing her $100 Million lawsuit case against Johnny Depp, Heard disappeared from social media and the limelight. The 36-year-old actress first challenged the June judgment that ordered her to pay $10 million to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. 

In December, Heard agreed to pay her ex-husband $1 million; Heard decided to halt the appeal process in the defamation action she is up against Johnny Depp in the United States. After Heard’s only famous role of playing Mera in DC’s Aquaman was trimmed short to just under 10 minutes, and literally, no projects lined up, she rented a home in the town of Costitx in Mallorca, according to TMZ.

Currently, Amber is facing a rough phase in her life. She has reportedly been abandoned by her closest friends and is constantly facing the consequences of her defamation trial against Depp. However, a video of her happily dancing to the Netflix series Selena’s ‘Como La Flor’ with her co-star has gone viral on the internet.

Amber Heard Bailando

A few days ago, user Bernardo Triana posted the video on TikTok. It was taken in Guatemala around the beginning of April 2022, just days before Amber’s famous trial case against Johnny Depp. She and her co-star were working together on the set of Conor Allyn’s “In The Fire.” The actress and her co-star can be seen having a fantastic time dancing in the video, and they both appear to be competent dancers.

Triana has previously revealed unreleased images of Amber Heard from his sets. Even better, he posted a behind-the-scenes video of the actress’s January social media post. At the same time, Amber works to rebuild her damaged reputation, which will not be simple for her, “In The Fire” is now in post-production with no release date.