Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul favorite scene from Breaking Bad

The part in the episode Dead Freight that Bryan Cranston enjoys the most (last season of Breaking Bad ). Jesse and Walt celebrate the train robbery, But everything changed when Todd draws his gun and shoots a young boy for the sole purpose of eliminating unwanted witnesses, as the kid had seen them celebrate after the robbery was completed. Today the scene is still etched in Bryan Cranston ‘s mind. In Bryan’s own words:

“Everything had to go as planned and it went well! I remember the characters euphorically celebrating the train robbery of the century. And a moment later an innocent life is snatched away when the kid on the bike appears on the scene. Jesse and Walt try to figure out how to resolve the situation, but Todd takes out the gun and shoots him. The narrative was constructed in an excellent way. Do you want to ride a roller coaster with Walter White? Do you want to be on the train with Jesse Pinkman? Here are the repercussions of the business they are involved in, this is what happens when you forget that giving up morality has consequences. It was amazing.”

Aaron Paul ‘s favorite scene as Jesse Pinkman occurred in the episode Buyout. Jesse is invited to dinner by Walt and Skyler ( Anna Gunn ), Jesse tries to break the tension during dinner by complimenting Skyler on the quality of the food. In Aaron own words:

“It is an important moment. Jesse hides behind his glass of water as he watches this marriage fall apart in front of his eyes. When Skyler tells him ” Did you also tell him about my affair? ” – I’ve seen the scene so many times and I laugh every time at the absurdity of the situation. “

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will be appearing in the Final season of Better Call Saul.