Here is What Happened to Every Character After Breaking Bad

What Happened to every character After Breaking Bad

We have some sense of what happened to Breaking Bad’s main protagonists after the series ended, thanks to Better Call Saul and El Camino, but we have no clue what may have happened to its other characters.

The strong cast was one of the factors that helped Breaking Bad become a commercial and critical success. Due to their distinctive characteristics, characters like Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Gus Fring, and Mike Ehrmentraut have become cultural icons.

Throughout the series, several additional characters pass away. Some of the remaining characters’ outcomes are made known in other Better Call Saul-related publications.

So here is Here is What Happened to Every Character After Breaking Bad

Walt Jr.

Given his resentment against his father at the end of the series, We will never know if Walter Jr. ever received his money, or if he did, he would not accept it. According to actor RJ Mitte, Junior could join the DEA to atone for his father’s crimes.

Skinny Pete, Badger, and Ed Galbraith

In El Camino, Jesse’s buddies Badger and Skinny Pete assist him from the law by driving his El Camino to the border with Mexico and dumping it there. They were not mentioned again in Better Call Saul.

The Disappearer, also known as Edward “Ed” Galbraith, is a vacuum cleaner repairman and salesperson who runs Best Quality Vacuum. He provides a covert service that removes individuals from their homes and provides them with new lives and identities. 

He assisted Walter, Saul, and Jesse all at once. What happened to Ed when Saul got an 86-year jail term is unknown. Saul never revealed him for harboring criminals, but the Best Quality Vacuum business card discovered at the time of his arrest could have alerted the DEA to Ed’s whereabouts.

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse devised a strategy to lead investigators to believe he ran to the south after fleeing the Brotherhood’s facility. Then he made plans for Ed Galbraith to “disappear” him.

Jesse started a new life in Alaska after “dueling” with a criminal called Neil over a portion of Todd’s money. There is no hint of what he accomplishes with that fresh start, either in Better Call Saul or elsewhere. 

Brock, his ex-girlfriend’s son, received a letter from him, but he didn’t say farewell to anybody else. El Camino’s ending puts Jesse in a situation similar to that of Breaking Bad: unchanged, without any of his illicit earnings, but with the opportunity to begin a new life.

Marie Schrader

Skyler’s sister and Hank’s widow, make an unexpected appearance during Saul’s questioning in the Better Call Saul season finale. She accuses Saul of being a factor in her husband’s passing. She also shows up in Saul’s pivotal confession moment in the courtroom. Marie seemed to be committed to getting her husband justice.

Skyler White

The destiny of Skyler White is uncertain after Breaking Bad. In the series finale, Skyler resides in a secure government building, employing her maiden name as a taxi dispatcher, and being the subject of a judicial inquiry because of her involvement in Walt’s drug business.

Although she wasn’t in Better Call Saul, her name did appear in a phone call between Saul and his assistant, Francesca. Francesca reports that the authorities offered Skyler a plea bargain. Skyler probably agreed to the agreement in exchange for Walt giving her the GPS coordinates that led to the bodies of Hank and Gomez. But for the time being, Skyler cannot access Walt’s funds, indicating that she would certainly have difficulties because Holly is still a little child.

Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman, the protagonist of the Better Call Saul spin-off series, has the most elaborate future of any Breaking Bad character. Although the majority of Better Call Saul takes place before Breaking Bad, there are some glimpses into Saul’s life after the series, when he goes under the alias Gene Takavic, a Cinnabon manager in Nebraska. 

Only a few months after the events of Breaking Bad, Saul is again tempted into a life of minor crime when a local Albequerque citizen recognizes him. However, Saul ultimately pleads for 86 years in prison.

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