Better Call Saul fan make Hilarious Lawyer Fighting Game Concept

The most recent episode of Better Call Saul, The beloved prequel spin-off to Breaking Bad, has been available on Netflix for a few weeks now. Undoubtedly, the program was among the most loved show ever produced.

Some fans of the show have let their creativity run wild and made genuine works of art from the show itself. In this instance, YouTuber redshibe created a fighting game named ‘Better Call Saul: Brawl’ featuring various series characters.


As you can see, the player can fight Kim Wexler, Howard Hamlin, Chuck McGill, Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman, Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus Fring, or Nacho Varga. Jimmy squares off against his brother Chuck in the game’s video while wearing his customary space blanket. Unfortunately, Jimmy uses a smartphone before Jimmy screams his trademark Better Call Saul, immediately electrocuting Chuck.

It is a clear reference that the famous lawyer in the series believes he is allergic to all forms of electricity. On the other hand, everything we see on screen in this little clip constantly alludes to the show’s happenings, such as Jammy’s appearance at the arena, which serves as the show’s iconic desert location in many episodes.