Here is how Matt Smith prepared to Play Daemon Targaryen

Here is how Matt Smith prepared to Play Daemon Targaryen

House of the Dragon recently debuted on the HBO Max platform and is already proving to be a massive hit on that streaming service. It explores the Targaryen family’s history, particularly the internal battle known as the Dance of the Dragons. The producers decided to have a cast of up-and-coming talents and established actors to present this compelling and intriguing subject. Matt Smith, who shined in shows like Doctor Who and The Crown, is one of them. He adopts the persona of Daemon Targaryen this time.

Matt Smith reveals how he prepared to play Daemon. 

Smith was intrigued when he got to read the pilot episode’s screenplay, although his coworker had piqued his interest in the project. First impressions were positive, and he thought the project was a game-changer for him: “I felt that this universe, in the pilot, was pretty obvious.”

Daemon, of course, always caught his eye. He was intrigued by the production, but the character won him. He can play a lot since Daemon has a lot of gray areas: “That is mesmerizing as an actor, because you are a little in command of that story, to the extent that the script allows you to be.”He thought it was thrilling and challenging in this sense.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy to make this figure come to life. It was crucial for him to convey more than that, particularly his extreme emotional vulnerability and how occasionally childlike his acts may be.

It was difficult, hard, and grueling to be ready to enter the House of the Dragon. The episodes that have previously surfaced have shown us that the fiction has several sword fights, clashes, and war scenes. Because he wasn’t ready to film such sequences, he had to put a lot of effort into his physique.

To understand the battles, Matt Smith trained meticulously and had a stunt double who could further improve his moments. Although the actor had to pick up the Valyrian language, it was one of his favorite scenes in the program: “It’s enjoyable to get to perform in another tongue. Speaking Valyrian also taught me a lot about Daemon.”