Robert Downey Jr reacts to Quentin Tarantino Marvel Criticism

Robert Downey Jr Quentin Tarantino

One of the famous directors that talked poorly of the MCU was Quentin Tarantino. His most recent comments on the podcast 2 Bears, 1 Cave, in which he criticized the disappearance of movie stars due to Hollywood’s Marvelization, have generated a lot of debate. Many supporters of the MCU have responded in response to these words, including Robert Downey Jr., who has long served as the true face of Marvel as Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr shared his perspective in a conversation with Deadline, explaining that, in his opinion, this kind of criticism is pointless.

Our views on these topics say a lot about us. We are in a time and place I have unknowingly contributed to, where IP takes precedence over principles and personality. But it’s a double-edged sword. 

An IP is only as good as the human talent you have to represent it. You can have some great IP from an author or a writer-director writer-director national treasure. Still, if you don’t have the right kind of artist to play that role, you’ll never know how good it could have been.

Rather than bashing each other, RDJ thinks all film genres should co-exist.

It’s a waste of time to be at war with ourselves. This is when everything is much more fragmented, and we’re at a fork in the road—throwing stones at each other. I had some heated reactions when people said things that seemed to discredit my integrity. 

I say, “You know what? Let’s get over this. We are all a community. We need big stuff to make room for films like Armageddon Time. There is Enough Room for Everything There’s room for movies like Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The way of water.

Robert Downey Jr talks about working with Christopher Nolan.

I’m not talking about trivial entertainment. Things are constantly changing, and I’m at a point in my life where I’ve now stepped back, working with Christopher Nolan on what was an exceptionally transformative experience for me. 

Robert Downey Jr upcoming work

And the next thing I’m going to do is a series with my lady and director, Park Chan-Wook, based on a Pulitzer book called The Sympathizer. It’s all incredibly transformative. I’ve played five different roles. So, I’d say, before you throw criticism at each other, try to address your renaissance to try to understand if your ideas can change.

Robert Downey Jr says Reinvent yourself

Reinvent yourself before you decide somebody else needs to learn what they’re doing. Something is preventing you from doing your best, or that something is better than something else. You know, now we’re in this era that Favreau described perfectly. We used to make waves in a lake, but now we’re trying to capture people’s attention as everything moves fast in a stream. That will change again, but that’s where we are now. And accepting it and being grateful to be able to participate is the right place to start.