YOU Season 4: Release Date, Cast, and Everything

The audience has not discussed anything else since You entered the Netflix library. Each season revealed us to a different intriguing lady in a life-or-death struggle to avoid falling into the protagonist’s hands. 

The primary reason Joe’s narrative was such a hit was his fixation and perverted perspective on “love.”

Joe will start a new life abroad once Love, one of fiction’s most compelling characters, departs. The upcoming season will reveal a different side to the main character and his current issues in this approach.

Love (Victoria Pedretti), who made her debut in season two and appeared in her grand finale in season three, passes away there. The main character’s decision to leave America in quest of a new future is motivated by this death.

In this way, Joe will live a new life and leave his family’s history behind in the fourth season of You. In the most recent episodes, Penn Badgley’s obsessive character will take on the name “Professor Joe.” 

Naturally, he will keep using the exact mechanism:

  • Meet a young man who makes him fall in Love.
  • Become obsessed with her.
  • Make her partner.

Because if she isn’t his, then she won’t be anyones.

Tati Gabrielle’s Marianne is one of them. Remember that the girl was Joe’s main interest throughout the third season. Even though she was falling for the protagonist’s falsehoods, Love helped her find the truth.

The days of unrequited Love and longing are long gone. In this new episode, Netflix released a little teaser that gives us a glimpse of what the main character is up to. The show also introduces us to the new characters that will appear this season.

As with each You episode, fans will be happy to see new people. 

Charlotte Ritchie, Tilly Keeper, Lukas Cage, Ed Speleers, Amy Leigh Hickman, Aidan Cheng, Ben Wiggins, Stephen Hagan, and Eve Austin will all be a part of the cast this time.

Charlotte Ritchie on the set of YOU

The new episodes will start to be made available on February 10, 2023, to be specific. Because Netflix opted to split season 4 into two parts, the second component of the season wouldn’t be available until March 10 of the same year as the first.