Keanu Reeves dreamed of Playing an older version of Batman

Several actors have portrayed Batman throughout cinematic history in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and other media. However, the idea that Bruce Wayne is becoming old and bored of wearing the cloak has only ever been touched upon very infrequently. A talented actor has already decided to propose to you, in case you want to make it happen. Let’s discuss Keanu Reeves. The Matrix actor shared his ambition during the DC League of Super-Pets premier, where he voiced the Gotham Knight in the animated picture.


It’s always been a… it’s been a dream,” Reeves said. Pattinson is Batman right now, and he’s doing great. Maybe after him. Maybe when they need an older Batman.

The idea of an older Batman is always exciting for the fans. In the DC Comics adaptation of The Flash, Michael Keaton, who previously portrayed Batman, will reprise his role as an older version of the superhero.

Keanu Reeves has gained recognition for his charitable off-screen attitude in recent years. He showed up at a Couple’s wedding reception a few days ago. He also gave personalized Rolex watches to four stunt performers for John Wick: Chapter 4 back in 2021.

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