Friends: Jennifer Aniston got an actual call while filming

Friends has been making the fans laugh for years and is still one of the best comedy shows aired on television. Although Friends’ final episode aired in 2004, the cast came together again in 2021 for an emotional reunion in which they recollected memorable scenes.

The show’s Bloopers, though, are considerably funny. In one blooper, Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Rachel Green, got an actual call from someone she knew.

Rachel and Phoebe dispute about who should date a gorgeous guy who left his phone in Central Perk while the episode’s 15th, The One With Joey’s New Brain, was being filmed. Rachel accuses Phoebe, who stole the phone. When giving the call to the stolen phone, Jennifer receives a call from someone she already knows; as you can see in the clip, she says: “let me call you right back. I’m doing a scene.

It turns out that Jennifer Aniston used her mobile phone when the sequence was filmed. She either picked it up because it was ringing or mistakenly called a number when she picked it up during the scene. She touched the phone and heard someone she was extremely close to on the other end of the line.

Since it happened 20 years ago, we can’t determine who contacted her. Still, only Jennifer Aniston can provide an explanation for this unresolved mystery.