Ezra Miller May Continue As The Flash In James Gunn New DCU

Ezra Miller The Flash James Gunn DCU

A detailed account of all the issues involving Warner Bros and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam was recently published by Variety. According to a startling claim, Ezra Miller May Continue As The Flash In James Gunn’s New DCU.

Dwayne Johnson positioned himself as the new face of DC and the “savior” of a company plagued by failures and controversies. Still, the box office performance of his Black Adam fell short of expectations. The court case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had a significant impact on Aquaman 2, the cancellation of Batgirl on HBO seriously damaged the company’s brand, and James Gunn’s appointment as the new president of DC Studios suggests a fresh start.

James Gunn has decided to do without Henry Cavill’s services. He has announced a new film on the iconic hero, but with an unedited version by Clark Kent. This is even though Henry Cavill appeared to be returning to his role as Superman thanks to the cameo in the post-credit scene of Black Adam. 

The same thing may happen to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, just as it did to Ben Affleck’s Batman, who has been forced into retirement. We all believed Jason Momoa, Zachary Levy, and, most significantly, Ezra Miller’s days at DC were limited even though fresh Aquaman, Shazam, and The Flash movies have yet to be released.

Ezra Miller, despite his legal troubles, could still be a part of DC’s future

Ezra Miller’s name would have been the first to come to mind if we had been asked a few months ago to anticipate which Justice League actor would be unable to continue his work with DC. The actor’s legal issues, which included fights, arrests, assaults, house invasions, altercations, and robberies, dominated the headlines in 2022, even allegations of kidnapping minors, drug use, and weaponry.

It was determined that the continuity of the Flash actor could have been more achievable in DC and across Hollywood. However, Variety reports that certain Warner execs are open to Ezra Miller keeping playing the role of The Flash, even after the movie’s June 16, 2023, release date. 

The DC Extended Universe is left without Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and potentially Gal Gadot. Still, Ezra Miller, the most contentious performer of the previous year, might stay. Flash is doing well on the screening exams, and Miller’s conduct seems to have altered significantly since he started therapy. 

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