James Gunn DEBUNKS rumors about Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

James Gunn Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

After appointing filmmaker James Gunn as its CEO in the last months of 2022, DC experienced a crisis never before shared by a movie series and a brand. Since Gunn took office, there has been an ongoing debate on social media in favor of or against the celebrity in the DCU. In a tweet, James Gunn DEBUNKS rumors about Gal Gadot Wonder Woman.

People who have grown connected to the established and legendary DC universe of the earlier movies worry that some of their favorite actors will only ever reprise the parts that made them famous. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is one of the most stunning examples. What are James Gunn’s intentions for heroin now that the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman 3 movie has been momentarily put on hold?

The new DC CEO has decided to directly address the fan assumptions made on his behalf by outlining his viewpoint toward several actors and actresses who have won the fans’ hearts. What are Gunn’s aims in light of the requirement for a long time of “settlement”?

James Gunn DEBUNKS rumors about Gal Gadot Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman will be one of the characters who will also appear in Gunn’s new course, but it’s still being determined if Gal Gadot herself will play her. While a tweet published by Gunn confirms the presence of heroin in his future programs, there is no confirmation of Gadot’s participation in any way:

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