Rachel Zegler defends Shazam 2 from Criticism

Rachel Zegler Shazam

The highly-anticipated superhero movie Shazam! Fury of the Gods has been met with lukewarm reviews from critics and disappointing box office returns.

Rachel Zegler, who plays Anthea in Shazam 2, has urged moviegoers to see the film without prejudice. However, Zegler remains optimistic about the film and has taken to Twitter to defend it.

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In the film, Zachary Levi reprises his role as the titular superhero who faces new opponents of mythological proportions. Zegler’s character, Anthea, is one of the film’s antagonists. Despite the mixed reception, Zegler praised the film and encouraged audiences to give it a chance.

Rachel Zegler defends Shazam 2 from Criticism

Zegler acknowledged the film’s 85% audience score and urged viewers to ignore the senselessly evil critics. She also expressed her love for the film and the people she worked with on it. While acknowledging that there will always be haters, she implored viewers to see the film and judge for themselves.

Shazam 2, produced by New Line Cinema, DC Films, The Safran Company, and Seven Bucks Productions, boasts a star-studded cast including Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, Adam Brody, and Djimon Honsou. Despite its underwhelming reception, Zegler’s positive attitude towards the film may encourage more viewers to give it a chance.

In conclusion, Zegler’s call to watch the movie without prejudice is a reminder that a film’s success should not be determined solely by critical reviews. Shazam 2 has plenty to offer to fans of superhero movies, and it deserves a fair chance to prove itself.

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