Courteney Cox had no clue who Ghostface was ahead of Scream 6

Courteney Cox Ghostface Scream 6

Returning to the “Scream” franchise for its sixth installment, Courteney Cox revealed that she had no idea who Ghostface was during the first time she filmed a scene with the masked killer. Despite being stabbed multiple times in previous movies, Cox found it “really fun” to work with Ghostface without knowing who was under the mask.

In an interview with Variety, Cox also addressed Neve Campbell’s decision to sit out the movie due to a salary dispute. While Cox missed working with Campbell, she said she would support whatever decision Campbell feels is right for her. As the only prominent cast member to have appeared in all six “Scream” movies, Cox talked about the evolution of her character, Gale Weathers.

That’s a really fun character, especially at the very beginning when she was so ruthless, I was known from ‘Friends’ and ‘Family Ties,’ known as the girl next door and sweet. I had to talk to Wes Craven and write him a letter and say, ‘I know that you don’t think of me as this person, but trust me, I really can be an absolute bit*h.’”

Cox also talked about the unique and endearing qualities of the “Scream” characters, who are smart and not just there to be laughed at. Although she didn’t reveal any spoilers, Cox confirmed that she shared a scene with Ghostface and that it was terrific.

In the recently released trailer for “Scream 6,” we see the survivors from the fifth film now living in New York, with new cast members joining them. Cox gave some insight into what fans can expect, saying that her character still lives in New York and that the killer is now in the city, where Sam and Tara have also moved. She also mentioned that Kirby, played by Hayden Panettiere, comes back, but Cox admitted that she gets confused with the number of characters who have died and come back throughout the franchise.

“Scream 6” will be released in theaters on March 10, and fans can expect more thrills, scares, and surprises from the franchise that has kept them on the edge of their seats for over two decades. Cox recently saw the finished film for the first time and summed up the experience with a single word: “Wow.” She was excited and scared and found it realistic enough to care about the characters.