Watch Courteney Cox giving Herself a Gen Z Girl Makeover

Courteney Cox Gen Z Makeover

Watch Courteney Cox giving Herself a Gen Z Girl Makeover. Despite being 59 years old, Courteney Cox recently channeled her 18-year-old daughter by creating an outfit that would impress even the youngest generation.

The Friends star shared a video on Instagram where she jokingly transformed herself into a “Gen Z girl,” complete with a crop top and pigtails. Set to Sam Smith’s song “Unholy,” the video shows Cox applying plenty of makeup and styling her hair into bubble pigtails with tendrils.

She scrolled through social media, admiring photos of Gen Z girls before deciding to give herself a makeover. Finally, after raiding her Gen X wardrobe, Cox settled on an outfit consisting of distressed jeans, a tie-dye zip-up sweatshirt, and a crocheted crop top, which she proudly displayed in a TikTok-worthy photoshoot.

However, her fun was interrupted when she heard someone in the hallway, causing her to scurry away and exclaim, “Oh shit, he’s home!” Cox captioned the post, “Am I slaying this right?”

Watch Courteney Cox giving Herself a Gen Z Girl Makeover

Drake Gives Courteney Cox The Finger While Clubbing

This is not the first time the actor has created viral videos poking fun at herself. She frequently posts humorous and engaging content on Instagram, including a recent skit featuring Drake giving her the finger after assuming she was taking his photo. When Cox corrected him, Drake attempted to make amends with a fist bump but flipped her off instead.