Margot Robbie Turned down Hefner’s Offer to Appear in Playboy

Margot Robbie Turned down Hefner's Offer to Appear in Playboy

Margot Robbie was a relatively unknown actress when Martin Scorsese chose her in 2013 for The Wolf of Wall Street. After the movie’s huge success, she gained much recognition throughout the rest of the world.

Hugh Hefner, the late founder of Playboy, was drawn to her because of her numerous sensual scenes in the movie, including one in which she was completely unclothed. The man said, in 2014, to Us Weekly:

The girl who plays Jordan Belfort’s wife in Wolf of Wall Street is beautiful. She should be in Playboy. Let’s send her a message! We are ready for her. She would be great.

However, Robbie, only 23 then, turned down the offer. I put a strain on my family,” she told New Zealand radio station The Edge at the time.

The actress acknowledged that she was worried about the lovemaking scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street when she accepted the role in a subsequent interview with The Telegraph in 2014.

She bravely declined her opportunity to uphold the film’s integrity when Scorsese suggested he cover it more for her comfort.

I think n*dity for the sake of n*dity is shameful,” she said. And this always applies. If they put her in a movie to make a girl take off her top, then he’s disgusting. 

But I also think it’s disgusting that someone would strip down in real life and, in the movie, comfortably leave the bra on or pull up the sheet. Seeing someone being choreographed to be covered irritates me just as much.

Naomi’s whole point is that her body is her only currency. So when Marty Scorsese tried to help me and said in the scene where she seduces Jordan, maybe I could have her robe on, I said no, she wouldn’t. She must be naked. She is putting the cards on the table.