Chris Pratt Doesn’t Care What Haters Say About His Faith In Jesus 

Chris Pratt Doesn't Care Faith Jesus 

In an interview with Page Six, Chris Pratt, who starred in MCU’s latest film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, opened up about how he deals with critics and the negativity that often come with fame. 

Chris Pratt Doesn’t Care What Haters Say About His Faith In Jesus 

Pratt shared that he uses his faith in God to handle the criticism, even though Hollywood often criticizes him for his beliefs. The actor referenced John 15:18 to 20, a biblical verse about how the world hates those who are not of the world and how it is nothing new, as even Jesus Christ was hated 2,000 years ago, “That’s the way it is, nothing new, 2,000 years ago they hated him, too.”

When asked how he handles the “haters,” Pratt responded with a humorous analogy: “Like a rhino, stick your head down, you keep driving forward, you have thick skin and if anyone gets in your way, you stick the horn right up their a*s!.” 

The “Super Mario Bros.” star also attributed his ability to handle rejection and criticism to his experience in door-to-door sales 25 years ago. “Hmm, well, when it comes to rejection, I was trained in the crucible of door-to-door sales some 25 years ago, So, you can’t turn me away, there’s no stopping us.”

The “Jurassic World” star also discussed meeting his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, at church in 2018. Contrary to earlier reports, Pratt clarified on “The Drew Barrymore Show” that he did not ask her out when they first met at church. The “Parks and Recreation” star described Schwarzenegger as “very sweet” and shared that he did not try to introduce her to church but met and connected there.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 is currently playing in theaters and has been receiving mostly positive praise from critics as well as the audience, who felt it was one of the most satisfying conclusions in a trilogy compared to any MCU Trilogies. With 82% Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, Vol.3 has grossed $365 Million in just a week.

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