Will Poulter Calls Out Hollywood’s Unhealthy Obsession With Beauty, “I’m Not Conventionally Attractive,’ but Should It Matter?”

Will Poulter Beauty

Will Poulter, who starred in successful films like We’re the Millers, The Revenant, Midsommar, and now as Marvel’s Hero Adam Warlock in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” recently spoke to GQ about the issue of physical appearance and beauty standards in Hollywood. 

Poulter expressed his discomfort and bewilderment over the online scrutiny of his physical appearance, which he found strange and unnecessary. People were attempting to judge whether he was conventionally attractive or not, which Poulter found irrelevant.

“I am very comfortable and secure in the knowledge that I’m not conventionally attractive as I’ve always had remarks about looking unusual — whether it’s my eyebrows or whatever else, people have made a thing of that… I think it just speaks to a wider issue, of: Why are we discussing or spending so much time discussing people’s physical appearance?”

Poulter noted that the internet had created a culture of sudden transformations and viral trends that often overlook context. He pointed to a photo of himself in the film, “We’re The Millers,” which went viral and was compared to a picture of him in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3,” despite the two images being taken ten years apart.

Poulter expressed discomfort with his focus on physical appearance and how people often comment on his unconventional looks. He noted that this is a more significant issue affecting women in Hollywood and contributes to a harmful focus on physical appearance. 

Poulter also acknowledged his male privilege and the fact that he has been able to avoid objectification to a certain extent, unlike many of his female colleagues.

Will Poulter on Playing Adam Warlock In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

In preparation for his role as Adam Warlock, Poulter increased his workouts at the gym but emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with exercise. He stated that training has been crucial in sustaining his mental health and well-being. Still, he is committed to promoting responsible and natural bodybuilding practices and does not believe one body type is inherently better.