Chemistry sizzles as Breaking Bad Characters cook up a storm in Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen

Breaking Bad Breaking Kitchen

Both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad have incredible dark moments, especially in their later seasons. However, Fans have found a way to make Memes out of the grittiest moments of the show. Some more imaginative fans have enjoyed including Walter White and his coworkers in other shows, motion pictures, video games, and now even in reality TV Shows.

Alternative Cuts Studios masterfully blended key characters and moments from the hit show “Breaking Bad” into an action-packed episode of Gordon Ramsay’s culinary competition series “Hell’s Kitchen.”

The episode featured appearances from infamous characters such as Walter White, Gustavo Fring, and Tuco Salamanca. The suave Lalo Salamanca from “Better Call Saul,” as well as a surprise appearance from Walter’s son Finn as a VIP diner, leaves viewers on the edge of their seats with the question of who will come out on top in this cooking showdown and what devious dishes Walter has up his sleeve.

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