How an X Files Episode gave Birth to Breaking Bad

X Files Breaking Bad

How One X Files Episode Gave Birth to Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad, a critically acclaimed TV series starring Bryan Cranston is widely regarded as one of the best productions in the history of television. It has won several awards and earned Cranston a reputation as one of the greatest actors ever. However, only some people know that another legendary show, The X-Files, played a crucial role in Cranston’s career.

In one episode of The X-Files, which aired during its sixth season, episode 2,Drive,” Cranston played the role of Patrick Crump, an unpleasant and tragic character. His performance in the episode left a lasting impression on Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, who was convinced that Cranston would be perfect for the lead role in his show.

How One X-Files Episode Gave Birth to Breaking Bad

Gilligan has said that if he had not watched that particular episode of The X-Files, he might never have cast Cranston as the protagonist of Breaking Bad. Cranston’s performance in The X-Files created an ambivalent feeling towards the character, with fans feeling both compassion and frustration towards him. This is precisely what Gilligan was looking for in the lead character of his new show.

X-Files cast in Breaking Bad

While not exactly an inside joke or a well-kept secret, there is a significant amount of overlap between the casts of The X-Files and Breaking Bad, The most well-known instance of this is Bryan Cranston. However, many other actors who appeared on the sci-fi series ended up appearing on Breaking Bad, including Dean Norris, who played a US Marshal in an episode of F. Emasculata, and Aaron Paul, who played a TV show host in Lord of the Flies.

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The success of Breaking Bad proved that Gilligan’s instincts were spot on. The show went on to become a massive hit, with Cranston’s performance as Walter White receiving widespread critical acclaim. If it were not for The X-Files, Breaking Bad might never have existed, and Cranston may not have become the household name that he is today.