Charlie Cox Says: “I Owe My Career To Daredevil”

Charlie Cox Says: "I Owe My Career To Daredevil"

After his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Charlie Cox returned as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil in the most recent She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. He will further appear in Echo before finally appearing in his show, Daredevil: Born Again, in 2024.

But what is now a given appeared to be simply a fantasy a few years ago. Cox believed he would never again play the blind New York hero Daredevil after the decision to discontinue the series.

Cox stated that I owe a lot to the “Save Daredevil” movement, regardless of what happens to my career moving forward. That even after I stopped having faith in them years ago, they persisted and continued to promote the show. And I’ve met many of them over the years; they’re such an open and ardent group.

The actor then discussed his sentiments about reprising the role with Variety in a different interview, this time donning a more lighthearted persona than before.

I arrived at this storage facility. My outfit, which I recognized, was hanging in a bag from a railing. A computer-generated image of another superhero was on the wall while I waited. I assumed they were taking me to Los Angeles to make sure the previous outfit still fit when they brought me there to put on a costume as we were getting ready to shoot it, Cox recalled.

Oh, this man is fantastic, I thought as I stared at him. When I turned to look closer, I saw that it was indeed myself. It pays a beautiful tribute to a few of the original Daredevil series. As I tried the red and gold dress, I exclaimed, “Oh my God, it’s so gorgeous.” Thinking about this occasion, wearing it, and the fans’ reactions gave me shivers.