Kanye West Claims Django was his Idea, Quentin Tarantino Stole his Story

Kanye West Claims Django was his Idea, Quentin Tarantino Stole his Story

Django Unchained is one of the most well-liked movies of the last 20 years and is also acclaimed by reviewers and viewers for its captivating and unique storyline. However, Kanye West said it was his idea to tell the entire tale upon which the filmmaker based his movie.

In his 2012 picture Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino tells the story of a formerly enslaved person named Django, Jamie Foxx, who teams up with a bounty hunter named King Schultz, Cristopher Waltz, to save his wife.

West claims that he was the one who came up with the concept for Django Unchained in a recent interview with Piers Morgan for Piers Morgan Uncensored. The idea is supposed to have originated from West and Foxx’s 2005 collaboration on the music video for the song “Gold Digger.”

Tarantino can write a film about slavery. He and Jamie Foxx got the idea from me because I proposed the idea for Django Unchained to Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino for the Gold Digger video. And then Tarantino turned it into a movie.

Kanye’s allegations have not received a public response from Quentin Tarantino or Foxx. While Kanye didn’t elaborate on his claims, he drew a contrast to the enslaver in the movie (played by Leonard DiCaprio), uttering racial insults and not being labeled a racist while discussing free speech exists in context.

This is in light of the several remarks made by West in recent weeks that have drawn criticism for being anti-Semitic, despite his repeated denials that they were racist.