Bryan Cranston reprises Walter White Role For Super Bowl Commercial

Bryan Cranston Walter White Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl is not just one of the most significant athletic events of the year but is also well-known for its commercials. As a result, sponsors make the advertisements larger and better each year. Many fans even watch the event only for the commercials. And Bryan Cranston, who played the role of a drug kingpin, Walter White, will be reprising his role for one such commercial.

Now that Walter White has built his Meth empire in popular culture, it’s time to start selling food. While holding a bag of PopCorners potato chips in an Instagram photo, Cranston wore Heisenberg’s recognizable black helmet. The post previews a forthcoming Super Bowl ad that will showcase Walter White’s comeback. When the advertisement airs during the Super Bowl on February 12, we’ll see how Cranston’s comeback seems.

Breaking Bad was one of the most acclaimed dramas of all time throughout its run, which lasted from 2008 to 2013. Better Call Saul and El Camino, a movie with a constrained theatrical run and a Netflix streaming release, were the next series to air. The last season of Better Call Saul, which aired in 2022, included Cranston’s most recent cameo.