Watch Johnny Depp Return as Captain Jack Sparrow for a Sick Child

Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow Sick Child

Johnny Depp has now decided not to return to play Captain Jack Sparrow in the cinema. However, he has never hidden how he is ready to reprise his most iconic role to cheer up the children. Kori, an 11-year-old terminal child, has expressed a desire, through the Make-a-Wish association, to meet his idol, the captain of the Black Pearl. And Johnny Depp fulfilled the “dreams” of a dying youngster by phoning him on video and giving him a PlayStation 5 for Christmas.

According to Kori’s mother, Pixi, the letter uplifted her son’s spirits during a difficult moment for the family. The young youngster was given a new heart in 2018, but it was rejected since he was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He had a second transplant in January of last year. Still, his body was again unable to accept the heart following the grueling and excruciating process. The family then decided not to have the youngster undergo a third procedure.