Bryan Cranston Recalls Crew Member Being Fired From Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston Crew Member Fired Breaking Bad

During a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Bryan Cranston, the renowned Hollywood star with a career spanning over a decade, he recounted a significant incident from his time on the set of Breaking Bad.

In a stubborn move, Cranston found himself compelled to request the removal of a crew member who had left a lasting negative impact on him. Expressing his shock at the crew member’s inappropriate behavior, Cranston emphasized that it made several people on the show uncomfortable.

Determined to address the issue, he promptly approached his producer and advocated for the crew member’s immediate dismissal, deeming the behavior entirely unacceptable. Fortunately, Cranston found full support from the producer, who assured him that the necessary action had already been taken, aligning perfectly with Cranston’s own stance.

While Cranston’s post-Breaking Bad career has been thriving with notable roles in films like Godzilla, The Infiltrator, Your Honor, and the upcoming Asteroid City, he must step back from acting.

In the interview, Cranston revealed his intention to take a hiatus and dedicate time to his wife of 34 years, Robin Dearden. He aims to revolutionize their dynamic by creating a more equitable relationship where Dearden receives the attention and support she deserves.

In the following years, Cranston plans to pause his career, shutter his production company, and retreat to a serene village, possibly in France, for at least six months. He aspires to embrace a new way of life, unburdened by work-related obligations. Cranston envisions leisurely day trips, cozy evenings by the fireplace, and the joy of sharing wine with newfound friends without needing to read scripts or answer phone calls.