Bruce Almighty Writers Reveal Idea for an Unmade Sequel

Bruce Almighty Writers Reveal Idea for an Unmade Sequel

In a recent interview with Syfy, Bruce Almighty Writers Revealed the Idea for an Unmade Sequel. With $484 million at the global box office, Tom Shadyac’s 2003 film Bruce Almighty is one of Jim Carrey’s biggest box office successes. Co-writers Steve Koren and Mark O’ Keefe came up with the concept for a sequel that would revive the character of Bruce Nolan, played by The Mask actor. The two discussed their ideas for “Brucifer.” A Bruce Almighty sequel in which Jim Carrey’s character would have acquired Satanic powers rather than divine ones.

Jim Carrey’s manager and he wanted to do ‘Brucifer’ – Koren said. We pitched it to the studio, but it didn’t quite work because it was too late. It was going to be another gigantic film, and I don’t think they wanted to do it. It didn’t work for some reason, but many people loved the idea, including Jim.

The death of Grace, played by Jennifer Aniston, Bruce’s longtime girlfriend, would have caused him to turn to the dark side, as seen in the movie.

Bruce Almighty Writers Reveal Idea for an Unmade Sequel

It was a difficult situation, but we were going to write it amicably. We certainly didn’t want to depress people. People tend to lose faith when the world seems unfair, and that’s what happened to them,” Koren continued. 

So that scared the studio a little bit. Still, to Jim’s credit, he understood that we would make a great comedy and thought everyone would connect with the story.

Bruce allegedly used his Satanic powers to bring Grace back from the dead:

When we pitched it, Jim laughed out loud. We thought she was brilliant. Because we were going to get her back as Jennifer Aniston, but he said, “No, first she has to look like a zombie, and then we’ll make her beautiful again.”

It would have been Job’s Trials, essentially,” O’Keefe added. Things hadn’t been right since God was. Everything was great for a while; he was married, and everything fell apart. 

He once again questioned everything and found a different way to work things out. O’Keefe later described “Brucifer” as “the most affordable sequel imaginable.” They have different themes, of course, but everyone likes the rhythms.