Woody Allen announces his Retirement from Filmmaking

Woody Allen, an American film director, screenwriter, actor, comedian, and musician, has announced his retirement from the movie business. He has claimed he would create one more movie before leaving the industry to write novels.

Allen has gotten a record-breaking 16 Oscar nominations for Best Screenplay throughout his career. Four Academy Awards, including one for Best Director, have been given to him. He has been backlisted recently due to accusations of child molestation by his ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow.

Before shooting Wasp 22, which will take place in Europe, Allen spoke with a Spanish Newspaper. He stated: “My general objective is not to do additional movies and focus on writing.”
He indicated that a novel would be his upcoming work.

The filming for Woody Allen’s last movie Wasp 22, will start in France in the fall of 2014. We still know very little about the characters and the premise of this new movie. Because it may signal the end of one of the most illustrious careers in movie history, it might be a historical drama.

Allen has already discussed taking a break from creating movies.
Allen stated that he intends to make “one or two more” movies during a talk with Alec Baldwin that was live-streamed on Instagram in June. Still, he also claimed that “the thrill is gone” as a result of the collapse of the theatrical experience.

“I don’t have the same fun making a movie and presenting it at the cinema. It was nice to know that 500 people saw the changes in the industry at once and the shock caused by the arrival and growth of streaming platforms. I’m going to do one more and see how I feel.”