Patrick Fabian Wanted Howard Hamlin to Meet Gus Fring

Patrick Fabian Wanted Howard Hamlin to Meet Gus Fring

The wasted chance that Howard Hamlin actor Patrick Fabian had in mind for his character was made public.

The Breaking Bad prequel frequently has dramatic scenes that are more emotionally vile than physically violent.

Most of the episode is devoted to executing the Jimmy and Kim scheme to destroy Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian). A key turning point is “Plan and Execution.” We have come to the end of Howard.

Howard visits the Goodmans’ apartment in the episode’s last scene. He concludes his muddled summary of their heinous deeds. But is unprepared for the true terror coming from behind him. That’s because Tony Dalton (Lala Salamanca) is entirely unknown to Howard, who does not understand why a man with a silenced gun shoots him in the head.

In season six of Better Call Saul, Howard did have a nasty run-in with cartel psychopath Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton), but he didn’t appear with Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito).

Fabian notes that Howard and Gus would be the two best-dressed individuals in the room, making it difficult for him not to see them in the same setting.

I was looking forward to a scene with Gus Fring. I was hoping to see him someplace. I assumed that we would meet at a local event where I would be able to challenge Giancarlo to a suit-off.

He would talk to me and then turn to face me while we both admired our suits, with the token thinking, “We are like-minded people.” I believe we are, after all. Just a different line of work for him. Therefore, that is what I had always hoped.”