Brad Pitt Let Elderly Neighbour Live In his $40m House Rent-Free until his Death

Brad Pitt Elderly Neighbour

Actor Brad Pitt is known for his impressive acting skills, kindness, and generosity toward others. One of the most recent examples of his heart was allowing an elderly neighbor to live in a house he purchased for free until his death.

This heartwarming story was revealed by actress Cassandra Peterson, also known as Elvira, who sold her estate to Pitt in 1994 for $1.7 million. As Pitt expanded his property by buying adjacent houses, he acquired a property that belonged to an older man in his 90s named John.

Brad Pitt Let Elderly Neighbour Live In his $40m House Rent-Free until his Death

Pitt made a deal with John to allow him to stay in his home, which he honored until John passed away at age 105. Peterson recounted how Pitt was always kind and sweet and showed compassion and generosity towards his elderly neighbor.

Peterson shared her memories of Pitt over the years, describing him as a wonderful neighbor who was always friendly and approachable. She expressed admiration for his kind heart, which he demonstrated not only toward his neighbors but also toward those in need around the world. This story of Pitt’s generosity is just one example that reinforces his reputation as a man with a heart of gold.

Brad Pitt’s decision to allow an elderly neighbor to stay in his house until his death is a testament to his kindness and compassion towards others. His generosity towards his neighbor is just one example demonstrating his character as a caring and compassionate individual.