Robert Pattinson Slams ‘Terrifying’ Deepfake of Himself

Robert Pattinson Deepfake

Robert Pattinson Slams ‘Terrifying’ Deepfake of Himself. Robert Pattinson is one of the most sought-after guys right now, and this status has its drawbacks. The twilight actor admits to being terrified by the Deepfake videos of himself on several social media, but mainly on TikTok.

It is obvious that Robert Pattinson will continue to be a phenomenon no matter how many years go by. He previously did it before becoming one of the most sought-after men of the present, and he has done it again after donning Batman in 2022; Matt Reeves directed The Batman, one of the most well-known DC superheroes.

Robert Pattinson Slams ‘Terrifying’ Deepfake of Himself

The TikTok user who is pretending to be Robert Pattinson can be found under the name ‘unreal_robert’ and for some time now has been generating content on the app using a virtual intelligence technique, Deepfake, which makes it look identical to Pattinson. He already has more than a million followers, and it seems that he has no plans to stop uploading videos posing as the artist.

The videos of this TikTok creator have spread like wildfire, to the point of reaching the eyes of Robert Pattinson himself. In an interview for the Evening Standard, the subject of artificial intelligence generated by Deepfake came up, and the actor did not hesitate to confess “It’s terrifying.”

And it is that he has revealed that several of his friends have already fallen into the trap of thinking that he was really the protagonist of those videos: “The amount of people who know me quite well and will still be like, ‘Why are you doing these weird dancing videos on TikTok?’ It’s really bizarre.” he admits.

Pattinson has also come to think that with the arrival of artificial intelligence, the future of his career has been questioned: “You just realise that we’re two years away from it being indistinguishable from reality,” he explained, “and what on Earth am I going to do as a job then?”

The most viral video published so far reaches 33 million views, and as the actor explains, it is impossible to distinguish that it is not him clearly. Some of the most attentive users have realized that it’s not real by commenting: “I thought it was Robert Pattinson XD” or “It would be weird if it was him, he never makes videos, says he doesn’t like social networks.”

Robert Pattinson’s Upcoming Project

Robert Pattinson, 36, is currently filming “Mickey 17“, a movie directed by Bong Joon-ho. In this film, Robert plays two versions of himself as cloning teammates in a dystopian sci-fi setting based on a novel by Edward Ashton. Robert describes the film as “crazy,” and unlike anything, he’s ever done before. Steven Yeun and Mark Ruffalo will join him.