Blackpink’s Lisa looks Magnificient in Perfect Skirt and Ankle Boots

Blackpink Lisa Manoban for Celine

BLACKPINK Lisa, a Thai rapper and vocalist is one of BLACKPINK’s most skilled and well-liked members. Blackpink came back with ‘Pink Venom’ and ‘Shut Down,’ which already have broken many records. Pink Venom and Shut Down currently have 363 and 158 Million Views on Youtube, respectively.

Lisa also won the 2022 MTV Video Music Award a few weeks ago for her song “Lalisa,” which was released on YouTube in September last year. Within 24 hours of its release, the song’s music video amassed an astounding 73.6 million views, making it the solo artist’s most watched video ever on YouTube in a single day. It currently has 547 Million views.

Not only is Lisa a great Vocalist but a Fashion Icon and she proves that in her campaign for Celine. On her Insta, She posted her pictures wearing pencil skirts to pair with basic garments like short jackets and blouses with shapes that let the movement of the arms speak for themselves. Quite classy yet also a little careless, a signature that conveys a bossy but rebellious attitude.

Lisa from Blackpink is skilled at making traditional clothing items stand out. The K-pop group’s lead singer removed the usual clothing on this occasion, letting those with clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme take over her most recent look, which includes a pencil skirt and high-heeled boots. The rapper wore a more formal outfit, including a faux-fur pencil skirt, a long-sleeved black jacket, and buckle-heeled ankle boots.