Better Call Saul | The unanswered questions about Mike Ehrmantraut

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Fans liked how Jimmy McGill’s tale concluded in the post-Breaking Bad era after six seasons. However, as is the case with several products of this genre, it isn’t easy to please every admirer. Better Call Saul took it upon itself to trace Saul Goodman’s origin amid all the events that led to the final events of Breaking Bad. This occurred with a number of the significant plots that ran throughout Better Call Saul’s history and left us with many unanswered questions, particularly that of Mike Ehrmantraut.

The popular series also looked at each of their characters, including one about Mike Ehrmantrau’s son’s death and how it affected the former police officer. Fans of the Vince Gilligan universe never learned who Mike was in love with or who the mother of his child was.

The answered questions about Mike Ehrmantraut

Jonathan Banks wishes Better Call Saul had addressed a specific element of Mike’s past. The actor is curious to discover Mike’s romantic history because the hitman and crime scene fixer don’t get much physical affection. The absence of her wife/ lover from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul has gone unmentioned. And because of this, Banks is particularly interested in learning more about his son’s mother.

What disappointed me the most was that my son had a mother, “Who? What was she? And I would have loved to see that character come in. Because you don’t touch Mike, if that person came out of the past and just touched him on the shoulder, he would almost collapse under that kind of sweetness, that kind of touch.”

If Better Call Saul had dug into Mike Ehrmantraut’s romantic background, that would have been intriguing, as shown via flashbacks in the recently concluded series. Due to the loss of his son, he made difficult choices that ultimately caused him to enter a dark place where he grew brilliant.